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Best Time to visit Rohtnag Pass। Why is May to July Month only?

Rohtang Pass is a famous tourist destination for the it's snow point snow glacial. Every Year thousand of people's visit rohtang pass to see this Pass and snow point by road and tracking. This place is very adventures place for the tourist you can do here snow several Activities Mountain biking, skiing, horse riding, ice skating, tube line etc.

Rohtang Pass Opening 

Rohtang Pass opened every year April to November Month only for the Seven Months.
For the tourist Rohtang Pass opened after the May month. You can see Live Snow Fall in Rohtang pass October Month to May Month only. 

Best time to visit Rohtnag Pass

Some people and Rohtang Pass travel have question about the Rohtang Pass visiting like this, which is the best time to visit rohtang pass, what is the best time to visit rohtang pass. So Answer is May to June Month if you want see the Live snow Fall and do the Snow Activities.
May Month is Very Expensive month to visit Rohtnag Pass and Taxi charges are very high to visit here from the Manali. If you budget is high so you can come Manali Rohtang Pass after 1 May and Before 5 June. If your budget is low so come Manali after the 5 June to 25 June because that time Rohtang Pass taxi charges are low.
If you want only visit here and look snow glacial in here so you can come here any time before the 25 July. 
So the best time to visit Rohtnag Pass is May to July Month only.


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