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Manali Hampta Pass। Hamta Pass Trek Blog

Hampta or Hamta Pass is situated in Pir Panjal  Mountain range Manali Himachal Pradesh. This Pass is 15 km Far from Manali. This Pass also divide the Boundary between Manali and Spiti Valley. Hamta Pass Trek is not very difficult Trek it is moderate trek this trek take 1 hours to 3 hours maximum walking distance from Parini Village. Manali to Parini you can book any taxi with 1000 to 1500. This trek mainly opened in May Month and closed in November and December month because of heavy snow Fall on this mountain. Some people can miss guide you about the opening of this pass. You can trek here also in March and April Month but in these month this trek is very difficult to do and the trekking distance is also more due to snow. In these month you can not do mountain camping. And trek take more time like 3 hours to 4 hours going and 2 to 3 hours coming back. If you have a question about this pass when it was opened many trekking lovers and travelling people have questions about its opening so…

Bhrigu Lake। Bhrigu Lake Trek for beginners

Bhrigu Lake is a Very beautiful place for the trekking and hiking for the beginners. Bhrigu Lake is glacial like. Brigu lake becomes from the glacial. It is located at the high altitude of 4300 metres approx east of Rohtang Pass Manali Himachal Pradesh. Bhrigu lake is 20 km from the Manali mall Road 13 Kilometres on road Vehicular Distance and 7 Kilometres Approx Distance is of Road waking distance between the snow glacial mainly in three month May, June, July Month. Bhrigu trek opened April or May month in every year.After the July month all snow glacial melted and trek become easy for the beginners. This trek is moderately difficult not very high. We can do this trek solo also because this is small trek. We can also do here mountain and lake camping here with easy and cheap price if have no camping equipments 2500 rupees only. In this price include food and peakup and dropping from Manali. This price is Only for the camping not for the trekking. You can also contact us for any inform…